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Two-sided relief of Fiano Romano

The marble shows Mithras slaying the bull, on one side, and Sol and Mithras feasting on a bull skin, on the other.


The New Mithraeum
1 Jul 2009
Updated on Jan 2022

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White marble relief on a travertine base (H. 0.10 Br. 0.76 D. 0.50). Worked on two sides. Found at Fiano Romano «couché dans un petit réduit de briques» in 1926. Paris, Louvre. Probably second century.

Obverse: Mithras, slaying the bull, whose tail ends in a bundle of ears. The dog, serpent, scorpion and raven. The upper corners are occupied by a rocky vault, from which the dressed busts of Sol (l) and Lune (r) emerge. Luna has a crescent behind her shoulders; around Sol's head a crown of twelve rays and another, which darts out in the direction of Mithras.

Reverse: In the middle, a