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Mithraeum of Savaria/Szombathely

The ruins of the Mithraeum of Savaria are kept under a new plaza.
The New Mithraeum
24 Aug 2010
Updated on May 2021

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The Mithraeum of Szombathely was used until the 4th century when it was burned down and collapsed. The mithraeum was discovered during the building works of a new shopping center in 2008. The remains were excavated by local archeologists who claimed that the discovery is of European importance. The ruins will be preserved in the basement of the new plaza. Many other finds were unearthed in the area like an intact Roman cellar and a 3 m wide, stone waterdrain that was repaired in the 19th century.

Two stone altars were uncovered which were decorated with scenes from the life of Mithras in re…