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Consecration for Mars Meder

The relief of naked Roman soldier, wearing a mantle and a Phrygian cap, has been related to the Mithras' cult.
  • Lupa 24092 - Wikimedia.

    Lupa 24092 - Wikimedia.

  • CIL XIII project Trier.

    CIL XIII project Trier.

The New Mithraeum
23 Dec 2020
Updated on Aug 2023

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Mythical figure: standing god (Mithras ?) with mantle around his shoulders and Phrygian cap (helmet ?), lance in his left hand, his right hand over the head of a bull standing behind him.

Discovered before 1837 and rediscovered in 1911 at the Marienthal monastery.

Esperandieu 5549; CIL 13, 06017; JJ Hatt, Strasbourg Musée Archéologique, Sculptures Antiques Regionales 1964 nr. 88