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Rock birth from St Aubin

Mithras Petrogenitus from Saint-Aubin en France.
La Naissance de Mithra de Saint Aubin

La Naissance de Mithra de Saint Aubin 

The New Mithraeum
30 Dec 2020
Updated on May 2023

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Damaged stone relief (H. 0.26 Br. 0.18 D. 0.12), found at St. Aubin (Esperandieu situates this town in Indre, we only know St. Aubin, East of Cahors). Kept in Paris, in the house of Mrs. Sarriau; I do not know, if it is still there.

Exceptional representation of Mithras' rock-birth. The naked child steps out of the piled up boulders, on which he leans with both hands. No attributes. One of his legs is still in the opening of the rock.

RRR II, 480; Esp. Rec. Gaule, III, 458 No. 2737; Vermaseren in Mnemosyne (S.4) IV, 1951,95 and PI. XXI, 1. See fig. 229.

Mithras born from the