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Tauroctony from Hermopolis

In the Tauroctony of Hermopolis, Cautes and Cautopates are placed over two columns at each side of the sacrifice.
  • Detail of the Tauroctony of Hermopolis

    Detail of the Tauroctony of Hermopolis
    Michael Fuller 

  • Tauroctony of Hermopolis

    Tauroctony of Hermopolis
    Michael Fuller 

The New Mithraeum
3 Jun 2021
Updated on Jan 2022

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Marble relief (H. 0.92 Br. 0.69). Inv. No. 85747.

Mithras in ochreous tunic and red cloak as bull-killer. Snake creeping over the ground, dog near the wound; scorpion on the usual place. The background is rocky; in it on the left side the raven and in the middle above Mithras' head a bust, coming out of the rock (Saturn). On either side of this main scene a column with capitals of foliage, supporting the arch of the grotto. On these columns Cautes (r) and Cautopates (l) are represented, holding with both hands their torches. They do not stand cross-legged. In the upper corners, outside the

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