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Tauroctony relief exposed at the Hermitage Museum

The relief marble of Mithras sacrifying the bull, exposed on the Hermitage Museum comes from Rome.
Tauroctony exposed at the Hermitage Museum

Tauroctony exposed at the Hermitage Museum

The New Mithraeum
9 Aug 2021
Updated on Mar 2022

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Mithra est fusa chlamyde, succinctus veste breviori, braccatus et manicatus, curva tiara, respiciens corvum. Taurum figit cultro parazonio extremum pedem ei suo premens; altera nares tenet; adsilit ad vulnus canis et serpens toto bovis spatio porrectus. Testes bovis chelis suis apprehendit scorpius, cauda bovis in quatuor aristas desinens subrecta est. Subest inscriptio. No. 604.

As Lupus' manuscript states, that in the beginning of the 18th century it was kept 'Romae in Musea Rolando', Cumont presumed (MMM II 483 No. 65bis), that this relief is the same as a work, which has got lost