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Tauroctony of Dragus

The tauroctonic relief from Dragus includes a naked flying figure that Vermaseren has identified as Phosporus or Lucifer.
Tauroctony of Dragus

Tauroctony of Dragus
S. Nemeti 

The New Mithraeum
13 Aug 2021
Updated on Oct 2023

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Relief in limestone (H. 0.41 Br. 0.49 D. 0.07), found at Dragu (reg. Jibou). Cluj, Museum Inv. No. 1326.

This relief has the form of a temple with a triangular pediment and two columns. Mithras tauroctone with scorpion, dog and snake. Before him a standing person in oriental dress holding an axe in his l.h. The r. arm is damaged. Between this person and Mithras is a flying naked Phosphorus or Lucifer with a torch in his r.h.

Behind Mithras a person in Oriental dress standing on a base. With his l.h. he touches the seam of a cloak which is fastened by means of a fibula. He holds a patera