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Sol in quadriga of Entrains

In the mithraic relief of Entrains, the god Sol is depicted riding his chariot together with Luna and a krater surrounded by a serpent.
Sol in quadriga of Entrains

Sol in quadriga of Entrains

The New Mithraeum
14 Aug 2021

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The following monuments were all found at Entrains 'sur un étroit espace, dans Ie lit du ruisseau d'Entrains, à 200 M. environ au sud-ouest du pont, où la route nationale de Neuvy-sur-Loire à Chamecy coupe la voie ferrée' (Esperandieu). At first they were in the CoIl. Delimoges at Entrains, now in the Museum at St. Germain-en-Laye.

Sol in a quadriga. The god wears a cloak, fastened on his r. shoulder. On his r. side, on a small pedestal, the legs of a bird (raven?) are visible; on the other side the dressed bust of Luna (?). Before the quadriga on the ground stands a krater, to which