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Denarius depicting Mithras rock-birth of St. Albans

The mithraic denarius of St. Albans dates from the 2nd century.
  • Denarius with Mithras rock-birth

    Denarius with Mithras rock-birth 

  • Denarius with Mithras rock-birth

    Denarius with Mithras rock-birth

The New Mithraeum
14 Aug 2021
Updated on 8 Sep 2023

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Finally one should mention the most interesting adaptation of a denarius of Augustus found at Verulamium (CIMRM 827) (Pl. XXII). The obverse has been entirely obliterated and replaced with the Greek legend MITHRAS OROMASDES in a circle with PHREN in the centre, while the scene of Tarpeia overwhelmed with shields on the reverse has been left (without its legend) as a representation of the rock-birth. Presumably it was the chance similarity of motifs that suggested the adaptation.