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Tauroctony of St. Andrä vor dem Hagenthale

The votive image was donated by a certain Verus for a mithraeum which was probably located in the hinterland of the Limes.
Tauroctony relief of St. Andrä vor dem Hagenthale

Tauroctony relief of St. Andrä vor dem Hagenthale
Robert Caudill — 

The New Mithraeum
14 Aug 2021
Updated on Jun 2024

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In a semi-circular niche suggesting the vault of heaven, the scene of the killing of the bull is depicted. Mithras, wearing a flowing cloak and a Phrygian cap, kneels on the collapsing bull and kills it. To the right and left are the two torchbearers Cautes and Cautopates, above them busts of Sol and Luna, a raven, under the bull a scorpion, a snake and a dog.

CIL 3 5650; AE 1953 127; CSIR Aelium Cetium 9; Ilpron 886; Wohlmayr in: Marc Aurel and Carnuntum 2004 67 Fig. 64