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Tauroctony of Asciano

The marble Tauroctony of Asciano, Siena, was donated by Franz Cumont to the Academia Belgica, Rome.
Tauroctony of Asciano

Tauroctony of Asciano

The New Mithraeum
15 Aug 2021

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Marble statue (H. 0.42 Br. 0.47), bought by Franz Cumont at Rome from a merchant in Rome, who said that it came from Asciano. Before Cumont's decease in his house, Corso d'Italia 19, Rome, now in the Belgian Academy, Valle Giulia.

On a rocky base Mithras as a bullkiller. The god wears a long anaxyrides. The
dog (the hind-part lost) and the serpent with their heads near the wound; a big scorpion at the testicles. The serpent seems to emerge from the rocky ground.

Cumont, Mithra en Etrurie, 102f and Tav. XII, 1. See fig. 187, kindly given by Cumont.