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Tauroctony of Quirinale

This sculpture of Mithras sacrificing the bull was found in the Quirinal and is now on display in the Musei Capitolini.
Tauroctony of Quirinale

Tauroctony of Quirinale

The New Mithraeum
15 Aug 2021

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Statue of Greek marble (H. 1.15 Br. 1.45), found on the Quirinalis, Via Rasella. Museo Capitolino.

Mithras as a bullkiller on a rocky base. The god's r. foot only, standing on the bull's hoof, has been preserved. The bull's muzzle with the horns and ears, its tail and L foreleg have got lost. The serpent and the dog near the wound; the scorpion on the usual place. The dog's hind-quarter and head are not preserved.

BCM 1881, 241; MMM II 479 No. lObis and fig. 413; RRS III, 138, 6. See fig. 110.