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Tauroctony of Bologna

The relief of Mithras killing the bull of Bologna depicts several scenes of the mithraic myth.
Mithras killing the bull of Bologna

Mithras killing the bull of Bologna

The New Mithraeum
16 Aug 2021

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Mithras is slaying the bull, whose tail ends in one single ear. Round its body there is a wide, decorated band. The dog is licking the blood from the wound; the serpent and the scorpion; the torchbearers in Eastern attire, cross-legged. Before them a tree with an animal attached to the trunk; before Cautopates (l) a scorpion and before Cautes (r) an animal's head (bull?).

On the vaulted upper border the raven and the busts of the seven planets are represented: (from the left to the right)Sol, around whose head a radiate crown.Bearded Saturnus with long hair.Venus as a young woman with