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Mithraeum of Heviz

The Mithraeum has found in a Roman building at the end of Attila Road, in Hévíz, Egregy
General view of the site of the Mithraeum of Hévíz

General view of the site of the Mithraeum of Hévíz
Müller Róbert 

The New Mithraeum
19 Aug 2021

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A richly decorated Roman building was discovered in 1931, although its location has since been lost. New excavations in 1994-5 revealed some Roman remains. In 2001 a large building was found, although no trace of the decoration reported earlier. There are four phases of construction. In the third phase a Mithraeum was set up in one of the chambers, recognisable by the long narrow benches and ante-chamber. Two altar bases were found, but were both stolen in September 2003. No other cult objects were found. The third phase is dated to the 3rd century by a coin of Gordian (238-243). The Mithraeum…