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Zodiac stucco of Ponza

Solis invicti Mithrae studiosus astrologiae who was at the same time ’caelo devotus et astris’.
  • Zodiac of the Mitreo di Ponza

    Zodiac of the Mitreo di Ponza
    Lino Catello Pagano 

  • Zodiac of the Mitreo di Ponza

    Zodiac of the Mitreo di Ponza
    Roger Beck 

The New Mithraeum
20 Aug 2021
Updated on Jan 2024

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The zodiac consists of three concentric zones, whose boundaries are marked, as is also the centre point. The outermost zone carries the signes, represented in the usual fashion. In the middle zone is a snake which Vermaseren identifies with the constellation of Draco […]. In the inmost zone are two bears which represent — the identification is here indisputable — the constellations Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. Lastly, outside the outermost ring are two figures which probably represent wind-gods, one of which is blowing on a long horn.

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Mitreo di Ponza

The Mithraeum of Ponza was discovered in 1866. It contained the remains of a zodiac investigated by Vermaseren in 1989.