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Tauroctony relief of Alba Iulia

The relief of Mithra slaying the bull from Apulum, Romania, has been missing until the scholar Csaba Szabó identified it in the diposit of the Arad Museum.
Tauroctony relief of Alba Iulia

Tauroctony relief of Alba Iulia
Csaba Szabó 

The New Mithraeum
23 Aug 2021
Updated on Oct 2023

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Relief in limestone (H. 1.02 Br. 0.78 D. 0.08) found at Mures Port. At first in Museum at Alba Julia, now at Arad, Museum.

The upper part of the relief is nearly completely lost. The bust of Sol (l); the raven; the upper part of Mithras; the head of the bull and its forelegs; the r. torchbearer; the lower part of Luna; no inscription.The present relief of Mithras Tauroctonos was a well known artifact, cited numerous times in the abundant literature on the Mithraic material of the Roman province of Dacia. First time described by Marteen Vermaseren in his monumental corpus (CIMRM 1938), his w…