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Mithraeum of Nush-i Jan

The Nushijan Mithraeum testifies to the worship of Mithra in the region since before the Zoroastrian reform.
Exterior view of the Mithraeum of Nushijan

Exterior view of the Mithraeum of Nushijan

23 Aug 2021
Updated on Jan 2022

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Tepe Nush-i Jan is amongst the rare major sites attributed to the Median period. The most important result of the recent excavation at the site by the present author in 2009 was the fact that the Median brick structures unearthed at Tepe Nush-i Jan originally represented a Mithraeum. The central temple of Nush-i Jan has a ground plan in the form of a cross divided by a wall into two sections. Cross motif is also seen as architectural ornament on an interior wall and on the exterior façade of the Central temple (semi-cross). The fact that the cross motif assumed a central place in the