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Tauroctony of Aigio

The Tauroctony of Patras was found years before the temple over which the relief of Mithras sacrificing the bull was supposed to preside.
Tauroctony of Patras

Tauroctony of Patras

The New Mithraeum
24 Aug 2021
Updated on Mar 2022

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White marble slab the left side of which is broken off (H. 0.44 Br. 0.32 D. 0.06- 0.09), found at Patras in 1911. Patras, Gymnasium.

The damaged relief shows Mithras as a bullkiller. The r. arm and the r. leg are lost. The dog, the snake and the scorpion. Before the bull a standing Cautes with upraised torch in his r.h. The bust of Luna in the r. upper corner. Above the bull's head a standing person who leans on a sceptre (Jupiter?). On the left of Mithras' head a kind of triangle.

In the lower border an inscription:CIMRM 2352Ann. ep. 1912 No. 282.

L.H. 0.0125.

Soli invic/to

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The underground cave which served as temple was cut into the conglomerate rock of the area, and a flight of eight steps of stone slabs led to it.