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Mithraeum of Eleusis

A Mithraeum has been identified in Eleusis where the last Hierophant form thespia had the rank of Father in the Mithraic Mysteries.
  • Mithraeum of Eleusis

    Mithraeum of Eleusis
    Ephorate of Antiquities of West Attica 

  • Panel in front of the remains of the Mithraeum at Eleusis.

    Panel in front of the remains of the Mithraeum at Eleusis.

The New Mithraeum
14 Oct 2021
Updated on Jan 2022

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In the Sanctuary of Eleusis, a building of Roman times, one of the buildings has been interpreted as a Mithraeum by the archaeologist K. Kourouniotis. It was built in contact with the polygonal enclosure of the Sacred House, at the southern end of the eastern leg of the precinct, because of its peculiar interior, which refers to the typology of the Mithraic places of worship.

It consists of a rectangular room with two large elongated built-in pedestals on the long sides, to which small staircases led. The worshippers sat or lay down on them. On another built pedestal, at the back of the