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Tauroctony of Sî`

In the tauroctony of Jabal al-Druze in Syria, the snake appears to be licking the head of the bull's penis.
Tauroctony of Sî`

Tauroctony of Sî`
American Journal of Archaeology via 

The New Mithraeum
13 Jan 2022

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A rectangular relief in basalt (H. 0.72 Br. 0.68 D. 0.10). Preserved in the Museum at Damascus. Found at Sî (Djebel Druze) in front of the temple of Doushara or Dusares.

Mithras tauroctone in usual attire and Phrygian cap. Scorpion and snake near the genitals of the bull; dog leaping up; the raven on the flying cloak of the god. Behind the bull Cautes is standing with upraised torch. The upper corners are occupied by the busts of Sol(l) with a crown of six (originally seven) rays around his head and of Luna(r) with crescent behind her shoulders. Remarkable is, that the bull's tail is not