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Relief of a round platter with food of Ladenburg

The iconography of the platter of Ladenburg might evoke the food consumed during Mithraic banquets.
Platter with victuals of Ladenburg

Platter with victuals of Ladenburg
The New Mithraeum / Olivier-Antoine Reÿnès (CC BY-SA) 

The New Mithraeum
17 Jan 2022

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This unusual object was found in 1971 in the southern part of the vicus of Lopodunum (Ladenburg, Baden-Württemberg), inside a storeroom that had been abandoned and filled in in the 2nd century C.E. The setting was that of an artisans' quarter, in which several pottery ovens have come to light. Circular in form, this platter, made of local sandstone, features a carefully smoothed edge, while its decoration is unfinished. The central design is comprised of a dish with a flat bottom and two semi-circular ansae, the one on the right being hardly carved. Inside the dish, a fish seen in profile is