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Mithraeum of Cyrene

The Mithraeum of Cyrene is preserved among the remarkable ruins of the ancient capital of the Roman province of Cyrene.
Mithraeum of Cyrene

Mithraeum of Cyrene
Jona Lendering 

The New Mithraeum
21 Jan 2022

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A colony of the Greeks of Thera, Cyrene was one of the principal cities in the Hellenic world. Romanized in 74 BC it remained a great capital until the earthquake of 365. A thousand years of history is written into its ruins, which have been famous since the 18th century.

A mithraeum has been found among the ruins.

The Apollonian priests of Cyrene gathered in a collegium, which organized different activities, among which were the shared, or common, meals. They used a large cave as a dining room, close to the temple of Apollo. This cave is known mostly through its remodeling, followin…