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Mithräum von Saarbrücken

The Mithraeum in Halberg hill, near Saarbrücken, is one of the oldest historical places in the area.
General view of the Mithraeum of Halberg

General view of the Mithraeum of Halberg
Carole Raddato 

The New Mithraeum
2 Jun 2009
Updated on Jan 2022

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A Mithraeum on the Western slope of the Halberg near Saarbrucken. The sanctuary, called in popular language 'Heidenkapelle' or 'Heidenkirche', lying on the terrain of Freiherr Braun von Stumm, was explored ' about 1920.'

The sandstone slope, which lies from North to South, has been artificially worked over a space of 43 mtrs and shows several deep holes and niches. At a distance of about 15 mtrs from the N. side, one enters via an entrance a hewn-out cave (Br. 6.50 D. 9.00), consisting of a central aisle (L. 6.00 Br. 3.25) with on either side the elevated benches (H. 0.40 Br. 1.50). A