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Tauroctony of Mauls

The relief of Mithras slaying the bull at Mauls in Gallia cisalpina is a paradigmatic example of the so-called Rhine-type Tauroctony.
Taurcotony relief of Mauls

Taurcotony relief of Mauls
Universalmuseum Joanneum 

The New Mithraeum
8 Feb 2022
Updated on Sep 2023

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Relief in limestone (H. 1.20 Br. 1.50) found near Mauls in the valley of Eisack between rocks in 1589. It was transported to the Library of Innsbruck in 1797; from the beginning of the 19th cent. in the Museum at Vienna (Wien); after World War II at Stertzing-Vipiteno.

In a grotto Mithras in Oriental dress kills the bull whose tail ends in corn-ears. The r.h. of the god is lost. The god wears a belt with a sheath over his r. shoulder. The dog and the serpent hold their heads near the wound; the raven is perched on the grotto's border; the scorpion is in the usual place. Cautes (r) and