Altar of Aemilius Chrysanthus to the Invincible Sol

Aemilius Chrysanthus shares the expenses of this monument with a decurio named Limbricius Polides.
PublishedThe New Mithraeum
2 Feb 2022

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Ara marmorea reperta ad Tiberim ad S. Mariam Monticelli.

Soli / invicto / M. Aemilius / M(arcorum duorum) l(ibertus) Chrysanthus / mag(ister) anni primi et / M. Limbricius Polides / dec(urio) et sodalicio eius / d(e) (suo) d(onum) d(ederunt).

Right a patera; left an urceus. dec.: Cumont replaces it by deo.

CIL VI 717; MMM II No. 47.

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