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Tauroctony of La Bâtie-Montsaléon

This damaged relief of Mithras killing the bull found in 1804 and formerly exposed at Gap, is now lost.
The New Mithraeum
9 Feb 2022
Updated on Sep 2023

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'Damaged statue in white marble (H. 0.40 Br. 0.45)' (Hericard). Now lost formerly at Gap in the garden of the prefecture (Millin). Found at La Batie MontsaIeon in 1804 'dans les ruines d'une maison qui, d'après sa construction et Ie grand nombre d'objets curieux qu'on y a recueillis, devait appartenir aun des plus riches habitants de Mons Seleucus (Her.)'.

A damaged statue of Mithras as a bullkiller in usual attitude and attire. The dog, the serpent and the scorpion on the usual places. Lost: the upper part of the god as far as the belt; the bull's head and tail; the dog's head. On the

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