Altar with Phrygian cap of Trier

The altar with a Phrygian cap and a dagger from Trier was erected by a Pater called Martius Martialis.
12 Mar 2022
Altar from Trier

Altar from Trier
Rheinisches Landesmuseum, CSIR Germany IV.3.


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Stone altar (H. 0.95 Br. 0.35 D. 0.28). Treves, Provo Mus.
On the base a Phrygian cap. On the front an inscription:
D(eo) i(nvicto) M(ithrae) / Martius Martialis / pater / in suo posuit.Esp. Rec. Gaule, X, 207 No. 7590.Corner pilaster at all four corners, on the cover plate pulvini. On the front of the base phrygian cap and dagger.

D(eo) I(nvicto) M(ithrae) / Martius / Martia/lis pater / in suo / posuit. is powered by Enkidū