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Tauroctony on displya at the Getty Museum

This fragmentary scupture of Mithras killing the bull belongs to the Getty Museum, Los Angeles, USA.
Fragmentary Statuette of Mithras Tauroktonos

Fragmentary Statuette of Mithras Tauroktonos
Getty Museum 

The New Mithraeum
28 Oct 2022
Updated on Oct 2022

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Preserved is a fragmentary sculpture of Mithras Tauroctonos or 'Bull-Slaying'. Mithras's body below the waist (right leg missing) and the head-less body of the powerfully sculpted bull (part of left front leg missing and portion of back right leg) remain. Mithras wears the typical Persian cloak and baggy trousers. Near his right leg lies the scabbard for a short Roman sword. A fragment of the sword is visible between Mithras's right knee and the bull's neck. Traces of red color are still visible near the wound. Three animals often associated with Mithraic representations of the tauroctony are