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Gnostic amulet with Mithras monogram

This silver amulet depicts Abraxas on one side and the first verses of the Book of Genesis in Hebrew on the other.
The New Mithraeum
2 Nov 2022
Updated on Aug 2023

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UNCERTAIN EAST. Levantine region or Egypt, circa 3rd-4th centuries. Gnostic Amulet (Silver, 32 mm, 8.09 g, 12 h). Abrasax, double-winged, standing facing, his hands ending in four scorpions and his feet in serpents; he has two bearded heads of which the upper one has giant ears and wears a nimbus decorated with two crabs; to left, monogram of MIΘPAΣ (Mithras); to right, monogram of IAⲰ (Jahwe). Rev. Hebrew legend in nine lines. Unpublished and unique. A tremendously important piece and of the greatest religio-historical interest. Beautifully engraved and with a carefully placed and very