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Two-sided relief from Rückingen

This remarkable double-sided relief depicts the myth of Mithras and the Tauroctony on one side, and a scene of Mithras the hunter and the banquet of Mithras and the Sol on the other.
The New Mithraeum
5 Nov 2022

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The two-sided relief from Rückingen in Upper Germany shows an original composition, which is still legible despite the voluntary mutilation of the faces of all the protagonists. Each face can be divided into two iconographic fields.

On the front side, the upper register offers an unfolding of the myth in four horizontal bands in fifteen or so sketches, while the lower register offers the image of the tauroctony, perpetrated in a cave-shaped niche underlined by a scroll decorated with the twelve zodiacal signs. The bull appears strapped in a dorsal.

On the rear side, the upper part