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Altar with inscription of Sentinum

This altar found in Sentinum bears an inscription from two brothers.
The New Mithraeum
18 Nov 2022
Updated on Nov 2022

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Inscription on an altar in limestone.

Invicto / prosedente / Sevio Facundo / Umbri / Rufinus et / Aemilianus / leones.CIL XI 5735; MMM II No. 158.Limestone altar (h. 78 cm) with inscription found in 1844 in Sentino (loc. Civita), 3rd century CE. Currently preserved in Fabriano, Palazzo Raccamadoro-Ramelli.Ramelli 1853 (p. 23); CIL XI 5735; ILS 4208; TMMM2 (Inscr. 158); CIMRM 689; Cervetti et al. 2006 (pp. 118-20, with further references); Bastianelli Moscati 2018 (p. 108); EDR016198 (F. Branchesi).