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Mithraeum II of Stockstadt

The Mithraeum II in Stockstadt was in fact the first one known built in the vicus. It was destroyed by fire around 210.
The New Mithraeum
18 Nov 2022

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The elder mithraeum of Stockstadt was built into a slope behind 'Villa Wirth', very close to the shore of the Main to the north of the fort.

The 11.5 m x 6.5 m large room had traces of a fire and was destroyed. The cult image was missing. This was usually displayed at the front of the room. After the fire the room was filled in and used as a waste pit. It is possible that the shrine was moved to a more secure site south of the southwestern fort corner and rebuilt as Mithraeum I.

Coin finds indicate construction after 157 AD, destroyed around 210 AD, at the earliest.

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