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Frescoes from the tomb of Aelius Magnus and Aelia Arisuth in Oea

The Mithraic nature of the frescoes of Oea, according to the scholars Cumont and Vermaseren, is now questioned.
  • Tomb-niche of Aelia Arisuth.

    Tomb-niche of Aelia Arisuth.

  • Torch bearer from the tomb of Aelia Arisuth.

    Torch bearer from the tomb of Aelia Arisuth. 

The New Mithraeum
6 Dec 2022
Updated on Sep 2023

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Two sepulchral vaults hewn out in the rock side by side at Guigariche, 7 k.m. west of Tripoli.

In one of the walls there is a niche in which the tomb. The niche is completely painted over as well as the adjoining walls. On its back-wall a dead person is represented. Dressed in an expensive tunic, he lies down amongst flowers and trees. On the sidewalls of the niche, on either side, a painted naked genius, putting their hands up to their faces in mourning. On the front-side of the tomb a scene, of which only a standing person with outstretched arm has been preserved. Next to the niche on