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Grand camée de France

Some authors have speculated that the flying figure dressed in oriental style and holding a globe could be Mithras.
Grand camée de France

Grand camée de France

The New Mithraeum
9 Jan 2023

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The setting is divided into two parts. In the lower register, Parthian and Germanic captives. In the second register, the emperor Augustus, his head veiled and wearing a radial crown, is surrounded by Germanicus, mounted on a winged horse, and Tiberius' son, Drusus the younger. The floating figure dressed in oriental style, carrying a globe in his hands, could be Aeneas. The centre of the gem is reserved for Tiberius enthroned with his mother Livia; he is presiding over a solemn ceremony presumed to be the designation of Nero (standing in arms before him) as Prince of Youth in AD 23.