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Gran mitreo de Mérida

Jaime Alvar speculates that the Gran Mitreo de Mérida could have been located in this area, based on a series of materials unearthed by Mélida during the excavations of 1926 and 1927.
Altar de Hector Corneliorum

Altar de Hector Corneliorum
A. Osorio / Archivo Fotográfico MNARM 

The New Mithraeum
24 Feb 2023
Updated on Sep 2023

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Although a temple dedicated to Mithras has not yet been found in this area, Javier Alvar believes that the great Mithraeum of Mérida could have been located here, given the large number of Mithraic monuments that have been exhumed.

Below is a translation of his remarks from his book Mitra en Hispania: Mitra en Hispania:

'I have included in this section, independently, a series of materials found in Mérida during the excavations of 1926 and 1927, because they provide convincing evidence that the mithraeum from which the collection hidden in the Cerro de San Albín was taken could have b…

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Altar by Hector Corneliorum of Mérida

This fragmented altar was found in two pieces that Ana Osorio Calvo has recently brought together.