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Tauroctony relief from Crikvine

This relief of Mithras killing the sacred bull was found in 1908 near Klisa, in the surroundings of Salona, the ancient capital of Roman Dalmatia.
Tauroctony of Crikvine.

Tauroctony of Crikvine.
Jon Wright 

The New Mithraeum
26 Aug 2023

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Relief in limestone (H. 0.46 Br. 0.73 D. 0.14) found at Crikvine near Klisa in the surroundings of Salona. The monument was found in 1908 'nel selciato tra una chiesetta del V-VI sec. (Crkva si Elye = S. Elia) e un altra costruzione coll'apside orientata verso Ouest (Mitreo ?)' (Gabricevic in a letter). Split, Archaeological Museum. Inv. No. 412D.

Mithras as a bullkiller with the raven perched on his flying cloak. The dog, the serpent and the scorpion. Behind the bull a torchbearer not cross-legged who holds a torch upwards in his r.h.; his companion is almost completely lost. The bust of