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The Acosolium of the Mysteries in the Hypogeum of Vibia

The epigrahy includes a mention of Marcus Aurelius, a priest of the god Sol Mithras, who bestowed joy and pleasure on his students.
  • Fresco with a mention to a priest of Mithras from Rome.

    Fresco with a mention to a priest of Mithras from Rome.

  • Drawing.


  • Detail.


  • Detail.


  • Vue d'ensemble. Dessin.

    Vue d'ensemble. Dessin.
    EDR Roma 

The New Mithraeum
6 Sep 2023
Updated on Sep 2023

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The so-called “tomb of Vibia” is a hypogaeum that was found in the 18th century by G. C. Bottari, and then fell into oblivion, to be re-discovered at the end of this cen- tury by the Jesuit father G. Marchi, who included it within the catacombs of Pretex- tatus. The most complete study of the complex (situated at 101, Via Appia) was made by Antonio Ferrua, who excavated it in 1951–52, and then again in 1971 and 1973, although the most detailed description of the pictorial panels remains, to this day, the one given by Garrucci in his 1852 publication.

This private cemetery is made up