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Tauroctony of Memphis

Discovered in Memphis, Egypt, a second relief depicting Mithras killing the bull.
Tauroctony of Memphis, Egypt.

Tauroctony of Memphis, Egypt.

The New Mithraeum
12 Sep 2023

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Relief in limestone (H. 0.87 Br. 0.80). Inv. No. 7259.

MMM II No. 285b and fig. 479.

In a cave Mithras, killing a very small bull. The god, whose r. arm and head have got lost, wears a Phrygian cap with two long flaps hanging over his shoulders. On the border of the rock the raven; the dog and snake are present; whether the scorpion had been represented is not clearly to be seen. In the upper corners the busts of Sol(l) in nimbus and radiate crown and of Luna in crescent(r). On the border of the rock traces of red paint.