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Tauroctony of Albergo Constanzi

Only a fragment of this marble group of Mithras killing the bull remains.
The New Mithraeum
18 Sep 2023

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Fragment of a white marble group (H. 0.65 Br. 0.85). Kept in the inner court of the former Albergo Constanzi, nowadays Collegio Germanico.

Matz-v. Duhn I, 449 No. 1575; MMM II 219 No. 48.

On a base, on which an inscription, Mithras, slaying the bull. The bull's nostrils, tail and legs are lost; Mithras' l. knee and traces of his r. leg have been preserved only. Some remnants of the serpent.


CIL VI 31049.

deum sibi.... sua pecunia.....