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Mithra's statue in Boztepe Hill

This eulogy of Saint Eugene of Trapezos tells how, in the time of Diocletian, he and two other Christian fellows destroyed a statue of Mithras.
The New Mithraeum
18 Sep 2023

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A text from an eulogy on St. Eugen of Trapezos (1) composed by Constantinus, son of Lucites, tells how the saint, at the time of Diocletian, with two companions, destroyed a Mithras-statue, which stood on the mountain of Boz-Tepe. In the Middle Ages (2) this mountain was still called Μιθρίος βουνός and the hagiographer states that on the very spot where the Mithras-altar stood i.e. on the top of the mountain, a church dedicated to St. John the Baptist was built.

Recent studies have revealed, that the place of the sanctuary must have been near the ruins of this church and not