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Colonne with inscription by workers of the pig market

The inscription included the names of the brotherhood, which are now lost.
Colomn from forum suarium.

Colomn from forum suarium.

The New Mithraeum
20 Sep 2023

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Pars superior parvae columnae marmoreae litteris saeculi secundi exeuntis vel tertii effossa ut videtur in Esquilino.

S[oli] i(nvicto) M(ithrae) / et sodalicio eius / actores de foro suario / quorum nomina / [sequuntur]…

CIL VI 3728; 31046; MMM II No. 58.

An inscription engraved on a marble column found in the 19th century outside a Mithraic context in Rome, in the forum suarium, between the Esquiline and the Suburre, gives the brotherhood the name sodalicium (TNMM 479, also in Rome). It clearly brought together a number of workers in the pork market, whose masters we do not kno…