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Altar by Aelius Secundinus of Novaria

The v in this small altar found in Novaria has been interpreted by some commentators as qualifying Mithras as victorious.
Altar by Aelius Secundinus of Novaria

Altar by Aelius Secundinus of Novaria

The New Mithraeum
21 Sep 2023

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Aronae 'nelle case Pertossianae' near Novaria.

[S]acrum Soli / Mit[hr]ae numini / v... invict(o) deo / [v]isu iussus / Aelius Secundinus.

v probably read instead N(abarze) (Cumont).

CIL V 8997; MMM II No. 193.

This inscription appears on a small altar in poor condition. The letters are difficult to decipher. Although the formula invict(o) deo can be read more or less correctly, the same cannot be said for the supposed v that precedes it, which most commentators (including Mennella, 1999) have resolved into v(ictori), a highly hypothetical case. It is therefore difficult to use