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Tauroctony of Plovdiv

This Mithraic relief of the Danubian type was found in 1940 in the old town of Plovdiv.
Tauroctony of Kurtovo Konare

Tauroctony of Kurtovo Konare
Regional Archaeological Museum of Plovdiv 

The New Mithraeum
24 Sep 2023

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Marble relief (H. 0.51 Br. 0.41 D. 0.05) sculptured in open-work. Found in May 1940 on the slope of a tumulus in the neighbourhood of Tirowite, 3,5 kms northeast of the village of Kurtowo-Konare (distr. Philippovtsi-Plovdiv) [now Old town of Plovdiv]. Plovdiv, National Museum.

Zontschew in AA 1942, 59ff and fig. 13. See fig. 650.

The relief is arched and has akroteria at its corners. There are traces of red colour. In the centre Mithras as a bullkiller; he wears a sheath at his girdle. Dog, snake, scorpion and raven in the usual places. With the l.h. Cautes holds a pedum against his l.