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Tauroctony of Ulpius Linus from Apulum

This relief of Mithras killing the bull was dedicated by the bearer of the imperial standard of Legio XIII Gemina, Marcus Ulpius Linus.
Tauroctony from Apulum

Tauroctony from Apulum

The New Mithraeum
25 Sep 2023

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In 1930, in the part of the canabae incorporated into the Municipium Septimium, more than a dozen Mithraic monuments were discovered in the garden of a certain Oancea (CIMRM 1953-1967 [including TNMM 480]), which may have belonged to the same temple.

CIMRM 1955; IDR III.5 290; AE 1934 113; AE 1944 36; Sicoe 2014 29