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Altar of Nummius Amandus from Alba Iulia

This altar dedicated to the Invincible Sol Mithra was found in 1878 in a cemetery in Alba Iulia.
Mithras altar Alba Iulia

Mithras altar Alba Iulia
Ortolf Harl 

The New Mithraeum
29 Sep 2023

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For two centuries, isolated finds, sometimes reused, often without a known place of origin, have provided further information about the Mithraic communities of Apulum. Two dedicatory inscriptions tell us about the founders of Mithraic sanctuaries.

On [this] altar discovered in 1878, or shortly before, as a replacement in a cemetery, Caius Nummius Amandus, a Roman citizen, recalls that he also built a templum for Mithras.

A decurion and flamine from the Septimian municipe of Apulum does the same on a monument found in 1998 in the bed of the Mureş, although it is not possible to link