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Inscription by Claudius Thermodon of Bolsena

The donor of this Mithraic inscription from Bolsena, a certain Tiberius Claudius Thermoron, is known from two other monuments.
Mithraic altar from Bolsena

Mithraic altar from Bolsena
Nicola Luciani 

The New Mithraeum
15 Oct 2023

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Base, 'trovata nelle vigne al di là del Paglia'.

CIL XI 2684 = CIL VI 3723; MMM II No. 161.

Soli invicto / Mitrhae(sic!) / Tiberius Claudi/us Tiberi filius / Thermodon / spelaeum cum / signis et ara / ceterisque / voti compos / dedit.

Of a Tiberius Claudius Thermodon we know dedications to Diana (CIL XI 2683) and to the Fortuna Primigenia (CIL XIV 2853).

The inscription from the Bolsena, region of Lazio, is engraved on a marble altar found in the 14th century in a vineyard near the river Paglia and kept in the church of Santa Maria Vecchia in Ficulle. The site was on the Via C…