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Plaque of Meknès

One of the two inscriptions by Aurelius Nectoreca, a follower of Mithras, found in Meknès, Morocco.
Plaque of Meknès

Plaque of Meknès
C. Cesaretti, Volubilis Database epigraphico 

The New Mithraeum
18 Oct 2023

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Altar in freestone.

Pro salute et incolumitate imp(eratoris) Caesaris / L(ucii) Aeli(i) Aurel(ii) Commodi Pii invicti feli/cis Herculis Romani imperioque / eius Aur(elius) Nectorega (centurio) vex(illariorum) Britt(onum) / Volubili agentium sua pecunia / invicto posuit et d(e)d(icavit).

191 A.D.

At Volubilis, in Mauritania Tingitana, two inscriptions were found in 1919 in a room near a well where the Fertassa aqueduct ended. According to L. Chatelain, the layout of this room could have been a mithraeum, although this remains to be proven. Both are the work of a centurion of the

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Altar of Meknès

Two inscriptions by Aurelius Nectoreca, a follower of Mithras, have been found in Meknès, Morocco.