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Tauroctony of Pleven

This relief of Mithras killing the bull in a vaulted grotto lacks the usual scorpion pinching the bull's testicles.
Tauroctony of Pleven

Tauroctony of Pleven
Carole Raddato 

The New Mithraeum
22 Oct 2023
Updated on Oct 2023

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Relief in sandstone (H. 0.60 Br. 0.92 D. 0.16) in the small niche.

Welkovin BIAB VIII, 1934, figs. 71-72; Kazarowin Germania 1935, Pl. 2, 1. See fig. 627.

Mithras as a bullkiller in a vaulted grotto. The raven is perched on the grotto's border, the serpent creeps over the ground and the dog leaps up against the bull. No scorpion. Outside the niche Cautes (r) and Cautopates (l) cross-legged. In the upper corners the busts of Sol (l) and of Luna (r) with a crescent behind her shoulders.