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Tauroctony of Aurelios Stephanos from Sibiu

This relief of Mithras killing the bull is unique in the Apulum Mithraic repertoire because of its inscription in Greek.
Tauroctony of Aurelios Stephanos from Sibiu

Tauroctony of Aurelios Stephanos from Sibiu / Ortolf Harl 

The New Mithraeum
23 Oct 2023

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In 1852, a naval captain named Károly Pap unearthed two altars and a fragmentary Mithraic relief [including TNMM 665 and TNMM 666] in his garden, also in Marospartos, inside a Roman-era building that may have been a small Mithraic temple separate from the previous one. The two dedications were probably made by two slaves. A monument long kept in a private collection and recently published by Cs. Szabo, bears exactly the same text as TNMM 665 and can be linked to the CIMRM 1939 altar found at Partos in 1867, which must have come from the same site: it uses the same spelling Mythra and a