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Tauroctony of Villa Borghese

This is one of the three reliefs of Mithras as a bullkiller from the Villa Borghese collection that belong to the Louvre museum, now in the Louvre Abu Dhabi.
  • Tauroctony of Villa Borghese

    Tauroctony of Villa Borghese
    RMN-Grand Palais (musée du Louvre) / Stéphane Maréchalle 

  • Tauroctony of Villa Borghese

    Tauroctony of Villa Borghese
    Musée du Louvre / Maurice et Pierre Chuzeville 

The New Mithraeum
24 Oct 2023

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White marble relief (H. 0.67 Br. 0.97 D. 0.11), broken in two pieces. At first in Rome, Villa Borghese, nowadays Paris, Louvre, Inv. No. 1025. Second century.

Jahn, Codex Pighianus, 190 No. 73; according to him the drawing of Pighius at Berlin (ms. lat. A 61 f. 27) probably represents the same No.; Bouillon, III, Basreliefs, PI. 15; Montelatici, Villa Borgh., 162; Clarac, Mus. Sculpt., II No. 59 and PI. 203 No. 59; Zoega, Abh., 148 No. 11; de Hammer, Mithriaca, 97 No. XXV and PI. XXIII; Lajard, Intr., PI. LXXVI, 1; Froehner, Not. Sculpt., 502 No. 571; MMM II 225 No. 58 and fig. 54. See